Sunday, March 26, 2017

E Wing Demolition complete - time to start building our new classrooms!

Modeling the skills of lifelong learners - Breadloaf Construction has whipped through the demolition of the E Wing in less than half the time it took to gut the D Wing last fall.   In the space of a week the entire HVAC system including the tons of equipment in the pit have been removed, the floor plumbing cuts have been completed, dirt excavated and the plumbing is being laid.
Just four weeks ago this wing was bustling with 180 students and 10 difference classrooms - carpe diem!
Next week we expect the concrete foundation fills to be poured and then walls will start to go up in short order.   We so appreciate the incredible team that Breadloaf has brought to the project including Mike's Electric, Cooper Mechanical, Mansfield Environmental Abatement, ATC Testing, Hathorne Roofing, Monahan Roofing,  and Vermont Concrete Cutting.   Supervisor Justin Wright is the conductor of the whole show - thanks to him and our Project Manager Tom Barden for doing such great work keeping all the moving parts working together.  

Here are a few update pictures from the week:
Standing where our literacy center used to be :-)
This is still my favorite toy - still hoping to get a chance to play with the electric mini-excavator sometime!

Sealing up the old ventilation shafts below the windows

Grinding away the last bit of floor tile - those are the hallway lockers protected in the background

This is the old hallway connecting the library area with the ramp to the B Wing

Here's a nice view of the 1967 ventilation system that will be replaced by a rooftop unit
What's left of the old ventilation system after a day of furious cutting, grinding and hauling away scrap

This is the view from where Ms. Stansfield's Winton math classes were happening last month

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