Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fifth Grade Fun - Friday's Activity Night

Several times each year our 5th grade Student Leadership Council organizes a Friday Night Activity night - a chance for a fun evening get-together at school full of fun, food, games and just enjoying the company of our friends.   It is always an incredible high-energy night and we are so thankful to our SLC sponsor John Madden - as he might be the only adult in the school with enough energy to survive and thrive in the midst of it all!   We also so appreciate the many parent volunteers who come out and make sure that everyone has a great time.  All the money raised goes to support a school service project - such as the picnic tables under the pavilion by the playground which were purchased and constructed by the SLC over the past few years.  The event also collected nearly 100 cans of food that will be donated to the Shelburne Food Shelf - not only a night of fun but a chance to contribute to our community - way to go SLC!     Here are a few pictures to highlight the fun from last night - 

Mr. Madden at the center of the action setting up the tug of war battles
It was a battle of the teams - honestly not sure who won in the end but fun was had by all in the struggle

Any good party has lots of food and this one was no exception!

One happy 5th grader - insisted I include his photo so here you go :-)

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