Monday, March 20, 2017

K-5 - Outdoor Classroom, St. Patrick's Day, and trout in the classroom


And indeed, it did!

The snow arrived just in time for the “Grand Opening” of our new Outdoor Classroom!
The path was navigated, the shelter was built, and parent volunteers were on board to help for the christening of this new classroom site.  We hope you have a minute to visit it.  The entry is just to the right of the dugout.  Here students are eating their lunch, and one parent is explaining what kind of a skull the children found when creating their structure.
The entryway to the classroom
Joplin and students in the structure
Lunch time

Grade 2 balancing on the beam with hoops

and on balance boards

Charlie is on the beam with rings high in the air
Third graders in Jessica West's class are raising trout in their classroom, as part of the Trouts Unlimited program.  Students care for the fish who arrive to the school in early winter as very small fry, and release them into the Lewis Creek when they are big enough to survive, usually in mid-May. We will update you about their progress over the next few months. 
145 live fry in the breeder basket

Friday was St. Patrick's Day!  Here are some photos of our Imagine After School Program (IAS) students enjoying the afternoon.

Irish dancing

waiting patiently to dance

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Great costume!

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