Tuesday, April 11, 2017

8th Grade Gallery - Spectacular!!!

If you come by SCS on a Thursday afternoon - you might be surprised how hard it is to find an eighth grader in any classroom.  That's because this is their weekly opportunity to explore a project of their own design - either a community service project, an independent art project or one of many options at the Shelburne Craft School - work they do all over the community rather than just in their rooms with their usual teachers. Today was our gallery day - and what a treat to see what our talented young people have been doing with their time.    Our new D Wing hallway is currently displaying over 100 different pieces of art around the theme of "change" as well as woodworking, pottery, and stained glass from the Craft School.    Here are pictures from my walkthrough tonight - but honestly the pictures don't do them justice so I'm hopeful many of you will stop by!

Our session todayopened with a live performance of an original piano composition and two self-choreographed modern dance pieces.    Here are my Iphone videos of their work - sorry you missed it but still impressive work for sure.

Click here if you can't see Bryce's composition

click here if you can't see Sarah's solo dance

Click here if you can't see Sarah and Jessica's dance duet

This was followed by 25 student presentations sharing the learning from their community service projects - which included these and other great projects:

  • fundraisers for COTS, the Humane Society and RED (international AIDS charity)
  • working with primary students in our afterschool program
  • volunteering with the Salvation Army at their weekly dinners
  • creating videos and a website sharing student community service projects
  • volunteering at New Village Farm helping with chores and the animals
  • volunteering at Shelburne Farms supporting workers with the sheep and dairy cows

So please stop by the D Wing - the show will be up for the next couple weeks for everyone to enjoy!   

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