Sunday, April 9, 2017

Click It Or Ticket!

Click It Or Ticket!

When our students follow the Everyday Expectations, adults, or sometimes other students, who notice these behaviors, will acknowledge the child's positive behavior with a "click" or other reinforcement.  Research suggests that we also need to identify the positive behavior the child is demonstrating in order to help this become a habit.  For example, "I noticed that you were reading closely because you added so much to our class discussion" or "You were responsible in the way you solved your recess problem.  Way to choose kind!" 

A different twist this month is that these students, and adults, will be entered into a raffle.  Students win prizes such as a gift certificate to the Shelburne Country Store.

You can imagine how excited students are when they are acknowledged for doing their part to maintain a safe, respectful and responsible SCS environment!  

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