Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dynamic Dates - one of my favorite "fun - raisers"

One of the most vital ingredients to a successful school is filling it with teachers who just love spending time with kids!   When it's there you can feel it everywhere in the building - usually captured by people walking around with smiles on their faces.   You also see it when those adults share what we all see as one of our most valuable resources - their time.   At SCS this happens every year in one of my favorite traditions - the annual spring PTO dynamic dates - where many of our staff  offer up an opportunity for students in the school to win a special "date" through a raffle.    What's up for this year - these are just a few of our 38 possible "dates":

Come join me for a prince of a dynamic date!

  • Walk out to the Frog Pond with a pocket of snacks - don't forget your frog nets and buckets
  • Join us for a walk to the Flying Pig Bookstore to buy a paperback book!
  • Come join us for brownies and learn to fly quadcopters.
  • Monday after school your choice of:   singing, African drumming or keyboard!
  • Come make friendship jewelry (bracelets, anklets, headbands, keychains, etc!) out of pony beads.
  • Kayaking on the LaPlatte - join us for an afterschool paddle as we explore upstream in search of turtles and other spring wildlife.
  • Come join for a picnic and planting party.  We will enjoy yummy snacks while planting seeds to start your own home vegetable garden!
  • Behind the scenes tour of E Wing construction zone, complete with pizza lunch in the midst of it all

    Don't make me crawl all the way to SCS - come meet me on the Laplatte on your dynamic date!

    A raffle ticket costs 25 cents - and annually this fundraiser earns almost $1000 - that's alot of quarters!  But more importantly it puts a smile on hundreds of SCS adult and kid faces as they create a special memory together.  

    Here is the link to the Dynamic Dates Information Sheet as well as a full page of raffle tickets.   To enter - just bring in an envelope with you completed tickets and quarters to Esther in the main office before 3 PM next Wednesday April 12.    Everyone gets a free ticket so at least take a look at the list and pick out the one that is your favorite!   Winners will be drawn on Friday and posted as soon as possible afterwards.   Dates all take place before the end of the schoolyear - but the actual date is worked out once we know the winners.   Thanks for supporting the PTO and to our teachers for making these opportunities possible.   

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