Sunday, April 23, 2017

E wing continues to take shape

Inside and out the E Wing project is really picking up steam.   Where a week ago it was just an open space, thanks to some quick work by Dennis White Interiors over 50% of the walls are already framed as of today.    Here are a few pictures:

This will be the Winton Team learning commons in just a few months

Looking down the hall from the top of the B Wing ramp

This will be one of our new fifth grade classrooms
This will be the new learning lab / maker space  
This is the view in the new 5th grade learning commons - looking at their new bathroom space
There is also great progress being made outside, as KLA Masonry completed the brick foundations for all five of the new windows facing the breezeway.  When they wrap up the new bases on the other side of the renovation it will be time for the windows themselves.    

 View of the new windows from the B Wing Ramp - right by the breezeway
Our other shout-out is to Mike's Electric who has been working late nights to complete our upgrade to the entire building fire alarm system.   Although mostly hidden out of sight above the ceiling, this important work has been moving along quickly thanks to the team working regularly from 4 PM to midnight.    They are certainly as excited as our students are about vacation since it lets them work some normal hours for at least week.    Everything continues to be on-time and on-budget -  I love saying that :-)

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