Sunday, April 30, 2017

Enjoy some 6th grade raps - Climate Change & Animal Rights

One of the keys to student engagement, especially in middle school, is to help students create connections between seemingly disparate elements of their school curriculum.  Here is a fun example from Christina Kelsh's work with our sixth graders.    How can be we blend their growing desire to be socially responsible, connect it with a study of a new genre of music (in this case Rap) and tie in the goal of helping students learn to communicate their message through various media?   I think you'll agree from watching these three videos that not only did her students make progress on all three learning objectives - but judging by the smiles on their faces it sure seems like they had some fun doing it.   That's always a plus for any lesson :-)   Hope you enjoy

Climate Change Rap 2 (click link to view)

Click here if you can't see Climate Change Rap1

Click here is you can't see AnimalRightsRap1

The other power of technology is that these videos can now serve as a benchmark as students progress through middle school - with multiple opportunities to pick up communication strategies it will be great to see their learning grow and imagine when they look back on this archival record of learning in just a few years :-)

Here is also a link to our Middle School Music Blog where this set of lessons and much more can be viewed.   A special thank you to Christina Kelsh for helping currate this blog of student learning.

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