Sunday, April 2, 2017

Foundation Work Complete - walls coming soon

How many dumptruck loads of gravel does it take to fill in the 1967 HVAC pit?   Could be a great 8th grade math problem, calculating the cubic foot capacity of the pit left behind by pulling out the tons of old air moving equipment - or I could just tell you that 12 loads later we have a solid floor that next year will be under the feet of the Winton team.  

Monday - removing the top grating from the pit
Wednesday - the pit is full and ready for three inches of concrete
Friday - the concrete is in - 
We also have all of the bathroom plumbing in place and the concrete foundation has been poured filling in the gaps where the pipes had to be laid.

Finally all but one of the 1967 window sets has been removed and won't be long until the masons arrive to start setting the bases with the new windows not far behind.

Looking across the open expanse of the old D Wing towards the breezeway - just plywood windows for now
Next up - we should start to see the new walls in just a week or so - right on schedule!  

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