Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lazy vacation week? Not here at SCS :-)

Now I know that for some spring break is about vacations, sleeping in late, catching up  . . . but for SCS it simply means that facility director Chris Giard and his team can press on in our efforts to make sure that we are one of the most energy efficient and best looking schools in Vermont!   By 9 AM Monday morning the foyer ceiling was gone and work is currently underway to upgrade to more efficient LED lighting and replace the aging main entrance doors.    At the same time the entire fire alarm system is being upgraded - complete with new control box in the entryway and new sensors throughout the areas of the building that are not involved in the overall D / E wing renovation.  

Step one to upgrading the main entrance and office area - LED's and new ceiling

This project will also involve an upgrade to the entrance to the main office improving both the traffic flow and the efficiency of our "mission control."

So we're packing as much as we can into this break - and hope that you notice the continuing improvements when school reopens again on Monday.  Have a great break -

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