Saturday, April 29, 2017

Walls are all up and bricks all in - bring on the sheetrock and windows!

It was a huge week of work on our renovation project as contractors took full advantage of an empty building.   If you happened to drive by School Street - you might have even thought school was in session since our parking lot was absolutely packed with a full contingent of contractors.   Up on the roof both Monahan Roofing and Hathorne Roofing took advantage of a sunny week to continue to button down the new membrane.   Outside we also had Breadloaf Construction and KLA Masonry blocking the windows and laying that brick foundations for each of our new window openings.  On Friday they even began cutting through the west wall to create the window openings for our new fifth grade classrooms.  
Another five windows framed with their new brick bases and ready for new windows coming soon.
Step one of busting out a new window opening on the west side wall by School Street
Inside Dennis White Interiors is put up the last of the metal framing and is now ready to begin putting up the new sheetrock.  Sheet Metal Specialties has been installing our powerboxes and working with Mike's Electric to install the hundreds of feet of conduit that will power the new wing.   Mike's has also been hard at work upgrading our entire fire alarm system by installing a new control center, strobes and sensors.   Overhead Mountain Valley Sprinkler has gone to work upgrading the E Wing sprinkler system while Cooper Mechanical has begun installing the new ducting to heat / cool our new classrooms.  

Metal frames are up and Dennis White is beginning to install the door / window frames
This is inside the new E Wing Learning Lab - with the blocking for the new cabinetry and framing for the overhead door

SCS Facility Director Chris Giard also took advantage of the week to kick off a project of his own - upgrading the main entry foyer.   This week he tackled the ceiling - upgrading the light fixtures to new high efficiency LED's as well as a clean new ceiling grid.   Over the next couple months we also will be replacing the main entry doors, installing a new entryway to the main office that will improve traffic flow and removing / upgrading the entire lobby flooring.  

This was the main foyer on Monday - completely torn apart
Back together on Friday - complete with new LED lighting
This first stage sure looks great - hope you'll stop and check it out this week.  

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