Sunday, May 21, 2017

Check out the new office "storefront" - and the sheetrock work ramps up

The big news in the renovation world this week is that the next step in the upgrade of the front foyer / main office took place over the weekend with the replacement of the 50 year old entry to the main office.   Friday night the team came in and removed the old single door entry and by Saturday our new in / out two door front was installed and ready for windows that will be installed early Monday morning.   In the end this foyer will have new doors all around to complement the new main entry doors that were installed last week, as well bright new flooring that will reflect nicely on the new ceiling and lighting that went in a few weeks ago as well.   Here are a few pics:

The new and improved face of our main office - note the two new doors on the right

Prepping things on Friday night for busting out the old frame and putting in a couple new doorways

In the E Wing the new contractor onsite is Spectrum Painting - they are moving in as Dennis White Interiors wraps up the sheetrock work, right now focusing on getting the mudding and taping done in preparation for getting some bright new paint on those new walls.   With all of the windows in including the new ones in the west side brick walls, things continue to move along at a great pace - right on line to be completely ready in time for classes in the fall.   
Some early taping work in the new Winton Learning Commons

Some finished walls in the new fifth grade classrooms as well as piles of sheetrock ready to go

Outside things are almost complete - just some edge work up on the roof left to do.

This past week the Shelburne School Board also approved the contracts for our final piece of renovation work this summer - as soon as school is complete Breadloaf will be getting right to work on gutting out the space where our library is located.   The end result will be a completely renovated library space - complete with walls on all four sides, a new primary reading area, new office and conference spaces as well as a technology exploration lab.   Here are a few renderings of the new space from sketch-up - we are so excited about how this space is going to be able to support our students for decades to come.   

An overhead view of our new library design - story portal is the oval on the top with design lab on the left

Looking from the bookshelves back across the new open library space - entrance is from the right

The view inside the new reading portal - the new replacement for our Castle
You may hear from your son or daughter that our library is going to close a couple weeks early this year - all books need to be returned by the end of this week.   That extra time is necessary to assure that we can complete everything in time to wrap up before school opens again in August - can't wait to share that new space with everyone in just a few months, going to be spectacular!  

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