Sunday, May 14, 2017

E Wing Windows and Walls - plus new set of main entryway doors!

If you haven't stopped by the breezeway entrance to the school this past week - you'll be pleasantly surprised to see phase 2 of the work to upgrade this main entrance into the school.  First it was the ceiling and this week it was replacing the entryway doorways that have been giving us fits all year.   More efficient, better functioning and better looking - hope you will agree that this work by our facility director Chris Giard is another great step in bringing the whole building up to speed.  

Doors are ready to go - the upper panels will be added soon.   
In the E Wing - the basic story continues to be walls and windows.   Just about every contractor on the job is in the midst of major work and the hope is that once we pass inspections this week on the electrical, plumbing and other mechanical systems we will be ready to close up the walls.   Great to see the spaces continue to really take shape as you can see.

In just a few months this space will be home to one of our fifth grade classes
This will be the fifth grade learning commons - looking into the learning lab space
If you look at the outside of the E Wing you can also see that most of the new windows are installed including the new brick foundations / sills.   Breadloaf hopes to complete the upper panels and the outside work will be nearly complete.  Of course as soon as school is out this work will be repeated with all of the 1967 windows in the C Wing as well as the cafeteria - so still a bit more exterior work to come.  But sure love how these brighten things up both inside and out.  

View of the new E Wing from the breezeway - stop on your way through and check it out!
Friday was a fun day as Chris and I invited a few special guests into the wing - the winners of a PTO Dynamic Date enjoyed a pizza lunch and a guided tour of the wing under construction.   So fun to see their genuine excitement at how great it will be to add this space to our school!   I promised I'd share their smiling faces on the blog.

Our third grade dynamic date winners enjoying pizza with Chris before our tour
What a crew posing the new Winton learning commons
These are the middle school dynamic date winner checking out the new window opening in the west wall

Chris giving a quick lesson in reading the electrical and lighting diagram for the E Wing

Did I mention that we ate alot of great pizza too.   

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