Sunday, May 7, 2017

Going to work on the HVAC and Sheetrock - next steps in the E wing

With the walls all framed in - it's time to start putting up the sheetrock which with over 12,000 sq feet of classroom is quite a project for Dennis White Interiors.   Great to see that it got started this week.
There it is - one of the walls of the learning lab starting to be covered with sheet rock - only about 1000 more sheets to go
Another big step this week was to lift the huge new Aeon air handler unit to the roof - thanks to a boom truck from Barrett's Tree Service it was an easy lift.

Up, up and away with our new air handler unit
Inside there also is significant work on the ducting that will be carrying the heating and dehumidified air from the new unit - piece by piece the crew from Sheetmetal Specialities is getting that job done.

Installing some ductwork in one of the new classrooms

One last important piece this week is that KLA Masonry is continuing to cut in and block the new window openings on the west wall, this will make sure that all of our new fifth grade classrooms have beautiful new windows and natural light.   Once they are done with this work it's up to the roof to repair brick work around the perimeters allowing Monahan Roofing and Hathorne to put the final anchoring on edges of the new roof.

Nothing easy about punching a hole is a concrete block wall and then making it look good again
It's exciting to be able to see things really take shape - this look down the new hallway has me thinking to the fall when we will be able to stop using the breezeway and keep all of our kids safely inside as they move from the B Wing to lunch and classes such as music, PE and art - doing so without disrupting the education happening in the wing as always happened in our old open classroom design.   The plan keeps coming together - thanks to our entire community for your support to make it happen!

Looking down the new E Wing hallway from the B Wing ramp towards the library

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