Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happenings in Elementary School...more informances, Walking Wednesday, and ZUMBA

Believe it or not, there are only five weeks of the school year remaining!  Here are some  happenings in grades K-5!  

Jenn Niles, third grade teacher on Esprit, has a second job as a Zumba instructor!  She frequently helps us out when we need a good dance instructor, like when we want students to be "sparked" before their NECAP tests.

This year our fourth graders have taken three rounds of these tests, the NAEP, SBAC and Science NECAPs.

Research supports that students score better on these assessments if they experience vigorous exercise before testing.  Jenn provided this through 15 minutes of ZUMBA each day.  Thanks, Jenn!

Vasanthi Meyette and Jocelyn Bouyea have been our Walking Wednesday champions for a number of years!  Thanks to them for keeping this wellness activity alive at SCS.  (Sam Bouyea was our youngest "roller" on 5/10.)

While waiting for everyone to gather at the Town Parade, walkers pass the time climbing trees...

and chatting.

Holding hands on a beautiful, sunny Wednesday morning!

Mrs. Amy Southworth's Kindergarten classes demonstrating what they've learned this year.  Pieces included dancing...

and singing.  Students memorized the words to all their songs!

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