Monday, May 29, 2017

Third Graders Baking Bread with Shelburne Farms Educators

Bread Baking

One of our third grade traditions that takes place in May is when educators from Shelburne Farms, in cooperation with our FEED (Food Education Every Day) organizers, teach our third graders the art of making and baking bread.

Samples of the wheat that is milled into flour

Students examine a wheat stalk, and learn that the wheat berry is ground, and then sifted into finer flour

 Making dough and rolling it into dinner rolls
Fresh bread tastes best when paired with homemade butter!

Everyone has a turn to shake the cream into butter and reflect on what they learned that day

Yummy samples of bread

Many thanks go out to Shelburne Farms for their partnership with SCS!  We also thank O'Bread that provided the students with samples.

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