Monday, May 22, 2017

Trout in the Classroom

"Trout in the Classroom" Program
Last Thursday, students and adults from the Imagine team traveled to Starksboro, where they released their 2017 crop of brook trout into Lewis Creek.  This is the third year that Jessica West has run the “Trout in the Classroom” project in her third grade classroom, which is sponsored by Trouts Unlimited.  Along with teammates Joey Adams and Stephanie Kozikowski, students are taught to set up the tank, test tank water weekly, and gather and analyze data regarding the development of the trout. While at Lewis Creek, students tested the river water, found macroinvertebrates in the river (natural fish food and part of the trout food chain) and released hundreds of healthy trout.   They were so excited to participate in the release after watching these fish grow from eggs that are mere specks to about 2 inch fry!
Eating lunch in the pavilion at Cota Field

Miss Stephanie and Mrs. Ford enjoying the day

Bob, from Trouts Unlimited, as photographer

Receiving directions for the different learning stations

Mrs. West helping students with their observations of the stream 

Bob helping students release the trout, after they name each one!

Observing and conferring

Decorating rocks collected from the river

More artists

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