Sunday, May 7, 2017

What's been happening in K-5 lately? Informances, Earth Day, trout are growing, school spirit is obvious, Flat Stanley is traveling, Ms. Wimble says goodbye, and the Vermont Bucks visit

The last few weeks of school have been incredibly busy!  Here are some "snap shots" of various events that will make you wonder and smile!

Amy Southworth's informance was held the week before vacation.  Here is a third grade class participating in a partner dance. 

Lining up for the next dance.
The crowd is loving it!

Miss Emily Vigneault's Kindergarten class shows their pictures of celebrating Earth Day.
A beautiful spring day, prompts us to get outside and play!

In Jessica West's class, the trout are growing!  They'll be ready to release on May 18th at the Starksboro Public Park Stream.  Very exciting!
The day before our Spring Break, students earned a
"pajama day".  Here are some fifth graders who really dressed for the occasion.  Gotta love those onesies!
Team Dreams participates in "The Great Mail Race" with Flat Stanley heading to all parts of the country.  Look at all the places he's visited!
These students are discussing the difference between climates around the country.
Miss Hertz's class after their publishing party.  Students read the poems they wrote and said farewell to their student teacher,  Kaitlyn Wimble, who has been with this class since January!  Thanks, Kaitlyn!

Thanks to the efforts of Vasanthi Meyette, one of our fourth grade teachers, and Allan Miller, our Middle School Co-Principal, the Vermont Bucks Football Team visited SCS. They talked about what it means to be a team player and the importance of teaming, and what it's like to persevere in the face of adversity.  Here are a few pictures from their trip to the B-wing!
Talking to Endeavor fourth graders
In Jenn Niles' third grade classroom
Eating with elementary students.  They really enjoyed the meal and had a great time mucking it up with everyone!

Explaining the importance of team work to our Team Wonder students

Group photo with Leah Castrovillari's class

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