Tuesday, June 27, 2017

8th Grade Community Service Project PSA

Each trimester our 8th graders participate in developing a community service project in order to demonstrate their ability to meet our mission goal of empowering students to "contribute positively to their community."   If you follow the blog these past couple months you've seen posts about students organizing a pancake breakfast to support the Alzheimer's Association as well as hosting a student activity night with Charlotte and Shelburne students to raise funds to create a new long jump pit at SCS.    We also had students team up with our Technology Coach - Jeff Badillo, to learn how to tell compelling stories through video - and one of the projects is the post below.   It is designed as a public service announcement, sharing information about the Shelburne Salt Shed in order to help people be more informed about all sides of this ongoing controversy.    A thank you goes out to Collin, Adam and Ben for allowing me to share their product with everyone through the blog.

Click here if you can't see "Shelburne Salt Shed"

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