Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Castle walls come tumbling down . . . let the rebuilding begin

As school wrapped up last week - our summer construction ramped up with a vengeance.   Not only is work progressing incredibly well in the E Wing with flooring actually being installed, ceilings being completed and cabinetry enroute for installation - but our beloved library has been gutted and work will soon begin on the creation of our new Exploration Center.   As our head librarian Kari Ahern noted last week as the Castle walls came down - "this is going to be great!"   In memory of the thousands of readers who have picked up their first book from within those walls - Kari created this wonderful video to mark the occasion.

Click here if you can't see "The Castle Falls"

So literally today - you can look at where the Castle stood and see a Breadloaf excavator digging in a new sewer line . . . quite the transformation in just one week.
I still think this electric excavator is just the coolest piece of equipment on the job - that's the new E wing in the background

Not much left standing - in the background is the old door into Kari Ahern's office
It may look like a mess - but rest assured that this topnotch construction team is going to create something beautiful from the ashes . . . how can I be so confident?   Just look at the great work that is going on a few feet away in the E Wing - looking great and rapidly turning into our latest set of wonderful classrooms.   
The new hallway - looking towards the library from the B Wing ramp

Bathrooms are tiled and ready for fixtures
Inside one of the new classrooms - new LED lights are on and ceiling is ready to go
The first flooring is just going in now that the walls are all painted and the ceiling is nearly complete
Looking into the Learning Lab - garage doors are up and walls are just about ready for new cubbies
So won't be long and soon these will be welcoming the smiling members of the Winton Team as well as all of our new 5th graders back to school!   Until then - enjoy the summer :-)

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