Thursday, June 1, 2017

Come by to see some great 8th grade work - tonight 5-7 at the Shelburne Craft School

I just got back from visiting our 8th graders who were wrapping up their final session of independent work at the Shelburne Craft School and as always come away amazed at all that they are able to learn in the short space of twelve weeks.    Tonight from 5-7 there will be a gallery display at the Craft School of all the pieces - and they also will go on display here at SCS next Tuesday afternoon starting at 2:15 when we host our 8th Grade Community Service Presentations and display projects that have been created in our Arts and Citizenship program.    Here are a few pictures of the work I saw this afternoon - and promise to share more over the coming week.   Hope you get a chance to see this in person - the pictures really don't do the work justice!

Our pottery artists putting their finishing glazes and admiring some work right out of the Raku kiln

Crafting a pair of walnut chopsticks - pretty delicate work

A collection of carved spoons drying after a final coat of oil

Can you feel the focus as everyone works to wrap up their wood projects?

Some great work fresh out of the kiln this afternoon

Putting the final grout and polish on the stained glass pieces

Trying out a handcarved spinner - trendy products from old style tools

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