Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ready to paint in E Wing and Library Demolition begins

If you've tried to visit the library this past week you can't help but notice that it's transformation has begun.  Thanks to some hard work headlined by librarian Kari Ahern, library assistant Fran Brennan and librarian volunteer extraordinaire Alice Brown our library will be completely packed up and ready for demolition by the end of the week.  
Kari and Fran - surrounded by the packed up back offices and still hard at work

You are not imagining it - those corridor walls really do keep moving as the construction zone slowly expands

This used to be our SLP office and the CY mentoring room - making room for our new Exploration Center Makerspace
Special thanks also go out to our Behavior Interventionist Sue Schaefer, Speech and Language Professional Peter Nevin and his assistant Alyssa Sargent and our technologists Jeannie Sopchak and Annette Hebert - these folks all relocated their offices last week to make way for Breadloaf to come right behind and begin knocking down their walls.   All this took place while school was still in session - an impressive piece of choreography for sure.   

Down in the E Wing the tapers were wrapping up their work so that the paint crew can get to work on their first coat this coming week.  The bathrooms are also slowly shaping up - this week it was the beginning of tiling the wall and floors.  
Prepping the bathroom in the new fifth grade learning spaces

Prepping the soffet outside of the new Winton Team space entryway

Finishing up the prep work around the new window cuts in the west wall - fifth grade classrooms
Every day it is looking more and more like the D Wing that we have already come to love.   Can't wait to open the doors in August when Winton and the new fifth graders will be able to move right into their new classrooms, and everyone will be able to enjoy our new "Exploration Center" - what we currently call our library.   Don't worry - still going to thousands of books - just lots of new ways to expand on the learning as well.  

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