Saturday, June 3, 2017

Visit our last Arts and Citizenship Gallery this Tues at 2:15

If you would like to see sixty original works of art created by our 8th graders, or listen to live presentations by 8th graders sharing their community service projects then please join us this coming Tuesday June 6 at 2:15 in the Holden Learning Commons.   This will be our final Arts and Citizenship Gallery - so if you haven't taken the opportunity yet I would really encourage to come by SCS - just stop in the main office and pick up a visitor pass, staff there will guide you to the gathering.  

Our Craft School pottery artists putting their finishing glazes and admiring some work right out of the Raku kiln
You will have the chance to see pottery, stained glass and woodworking projects from the Craft School - where students demonstrate that they can work collaboratively with a local artist learn a new skill.  
A small sample of the Craft School work from our last gallery

There also will be a wide variety of independent projects developed around the student-selected theme of "Money" - this should be really interesting!   All of these works will be set-up for self-touring in the new D Wing corridor - so if you can't be there Tuesday just come by before the end of the week.  
Crafting a pair of walnut chopsticks - pretty delicate work
Putting the final grout and polish on the stained glass pieces
The live presentations are by the group of students that have just completed projects demonstrating how they can "contribute positively to their community."   If you regularly read the blog you've heard about some of them such as the new long jump pit and the fundraising dance with Charlotte or the pancake breakfast fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Foundation.  

Setting up for the very successful pancake breakfast a couple weeks ago

But those are just a few of a whole series of great projects including fundraising for a girl's little league team, for Chill, creating public service videos for the NRA, Shelburne's Salt Shed controversy and New Village Farm, teaching 5th grade band students, volunteering at the Arbors and assisting an Art Teacher and a 1st grade classroom.    I always look forward to hearing students proudly share their learning, their challenges and their pride in making a difference.    Hope you'll consider coming to share in the celebration.  

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