Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Building Project/Maintenance Update from Facilities Manager Chris Giard

This past weekend, Facilities Manager, Chris Giard shared an email with the SCS staff, which detailed the progress that his team and the folks from Breadloaf are making in preparing the school for our students' arrival on August 30th. I thought I would share some of Chris' email along with his photos to give you a sense of the transformation occurring at SCS this summer.  Enjoy!

Chris' Email and Photos

Here are some updates as to what's going on at the school.

E-wing is on schedule. Furniture is scheduled to arrive and be assembled the last week of July. The movers are set to start moving on August 1st and 2nd. So those of you who are planning on coming in I would suggest the 3rd. 

Chris shows off the E Wing progress to Ms. Celmer and Mrs. Van Nostrand

Window replacement, As I write this there are NO windows in C-wing nor the Cafeteria. Everything has been removed and the masons are starting to install the new brick fa├žade in the window openings. The new windows arrive on the July 24th. The plan is to start installing the windows in c-wing on the 25th. Once they get going and finish the interior work we will move in and paint the 3 art rooms and the custodial staff will start their cleaning of the wing. This is a very tight window (no pun intended) 

Roof work, It's still going on and on and on.. With hopes it will be done before you all get back.. lol  It will be..  :-)

Library update... There is progress. The new walls are starting to go up. All the old flooring has been removed around the library. The schedule is tight. However Breadloaf is moving along at a pretty good pace. We are hoping to be setting up shelving the last week of August. 

Chris explains the new "open air" concept of the library :)

Painting of B-Wing, well we have painted and cleaned 3 pods and are now working on the last 2. My hope is to have this completed by the 28th. We are still working around programs which is a slight challenge.

All B Wing rooms are being patched and painted this summer.

Great paint colors from the new construction is being used to create accent walls in the B Wing.

Main Entrance, You will notice that there are 2 locations that will allow wheel chair access to the main entrance.

Until the next update enjoy the sun when you can.

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