Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Facilities and Maintenance Update

We enjoy keeping you updated on the ever improving condition of our facilities at SCS. When students arrive on August 30th, they are going to be shocked by some of the amazing changes that Chris Giard, our custodial crew, and the folks from Breadloaf Construction have helped to bring about.

Our library and main lobby are both undergoing major renovations.  The main office and staff lounge have also gone through a major transformation this summer.

As Chris references in his email below, we have removed visitor parking from the traffic circle.  New visitor spots (with signage) are being created in the main parking lot by the gym entrance.  We hope that we will soon have an additional major announcement about a change to pick up and drop off locations at SCS.  Last year, our leadership group did some amazing work looking at safety concerns around arrival and dismissal time at SCS. They developed a plan, which we are currently running by both the police and fire departments for approval.  With their approval, we will share the details with families and community members over the next 7-10 days.  So, please be on the lookout for upcoming communications.

These are some other highlights from Chris Giard's latest update to the staff:

E-wing is almost complete.. Movers will be moving in most of the boxes tomorrow. Furniture has arrived and is being set up. Things are moving along. 

C-wing is moving along. Windows are going in. Things should be complete by the end of next week (I hope). We started to paint the Art rooms. Hoping to be complete by the end of next week. This will be determined by the contractors schedule. We are hoping to start cleaning by the middle of next week (again depending on the contractors schedule).

Other things,  You will notice that we have had the parking lot painted. There will be no more parking in the circle. We are moving the visitor parking (6) to the main lot by the gym. There will be more on this in the up coming weeks. We have also started to tile the lobby. This will be going on through out the week. 

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